Tropical Freshwater Ecology

Pablo E. Gutiérrez-Fonseca

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My research seeks to understand how tropical freshwater ecosystems respond to natural extreme events, but also how anthropogenic activities risk aquatic ecosystem function in the tropics.

I am broadly interested in understanding:
What is the natural variability of tropical aquatic ecosystems, and how do they respond to extreme climatic events (e.g., ENSO, floods, hurricanes)?
What are the effects of urban expansion on aquatic ecosystems?.

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New publication on Ecology Letters
December 1, 2021


Curso de Ecología de ríos Tropicales
Octubre 16-17, 2021. Virtual


Thrilled to have collaborated as one of the Scientific Editors of this Special Issue, which is freely accessible in Revista de Biologia Tropical.
December 2, 2020